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  1. Poetry by Jeremy

    Welcome to the Sombre Days (Full-Length Collection)

    If anyone that read it would love to share their review or simply rate, I would appreciate if you do so on Amazon and/or Goodreads
  2. Poetry by Jeremy

    Teaser from my forthcoming book

    I truly love this!! I cannot wait to hear more about the book
  3. Poetry by Jeremy

    Welcome to the Sombre Days (Full-Length Collection)

    Honestly, no. I was writing poems with different experiences of my life, and after a bit came up with more clear chapters. Then, I wanted to write around 20 for each chapter, and in some area, I had more to share, and it ended up being 88. Coincidence! As for the 9th of March, I wanted a date which is 'soon'. I finished editing and everything, ordered a proof copy. It arrived end of February. A Friday seemed like a good idea to release something, so that I can have some time following it up on the weekend, and today would have been too soon, so I chose next week so that I get a bit of time to hype it up.
  4. I'm releasing my next collection, Welcome to the Sombre Days on March 9th! Welcome to the Sombre Days is my autobiographical story told in eighty-eight poems. This includes themes of religious upbringing, sexual orientation and coming of age, depression and mental health, identity and relationships. The great news for you guys: I will be messaging you a .pdf version for free. If you are interested read it. If not, feel free to ignore it. I know that some of us have different poetry styles and of course, I cannot be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee). If you see that I have not messaged you the book, feel free to ask (I might be bad at multi-tasking, so I apologise if that happens). I'm off to start sending you the book
  5. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #7: When You're Gay

    yes, that's what I mean. there's deep, and there's core. I rarely reach the core.
  6. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #7: When You're Gay

    Thank you. Yes, sometimes I write pieces like this and I realise how many times I just scratch the surface and fail to go deeper.
  7. This poem is about dating as a gay man; specifically encountering homophobia. It's not a usual occurrence for me, but it is still a reality for many others. My delivery is more emotional than usual, and it's kind of something that I love. It gives it a much more raw feeling.
  8. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #4 - Hypocrisy

    I thought you would already know how do that at least... I would expect you to!
  9. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #4 - Hypocrisy

    what do you mean? Mentioning you? I just wrote the @ sign and as I pressed L your name was an option. Also thanks for the feedback.
  10. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #4 - Hypocrisy

    Thank you The shadow technically is always there since I try to be in the light Different angles create different shadows; shadows are part of the image which is not intentional but it is pretty darn cool.
  11. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #4 - Hypocrisy

    The quality of the video was a bit strange. I am not sure what happened with my camera/editor, but quality got diminished during movement. I took your advice a bit @Lihi and tried doing more different angles
  12. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #3: You Do Not Love Me

    Yes, and no. Because then I have many introductions to choose from as well, for instance. In the case I do the best in one take, that's awesome, but if not, it still gives me more room to have the best clips for each part. It's unnecessary maybe, but it helps with the emotional tone and everything being the same, so I would stand in the same spot etc.
  13. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #3: You Do Not Love Me

    every time i record, I try to do it whole, intro-poem-goodbye. Unfortunately, I always mess up one time or the other, so I end up using three different videos/recordings lol. I hope to be managing to do it all in one take in the future! And thank you
  14. Poetry by Jeremy

    Spoken Word Poem #3: You Do Not Love Me

    Hmm, I did not pay attention to the echo before you brought it up. I'll check my camera settings and see future videos - hopefully it could be just an issue with editing or upload
  15. Poetry by Jeremy

    Poem: Every Path to You

    Loved this! A really great poem, especially the burning bridge part and then falling weightlessly. I connected them, even though it may not have been intentional.