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    This was very 'heavy' with feelings. I was really engaged with the first two lines, capturing all my attention and emotion throughout. This was the line I loved the most - not only the pain of having their ashes but it also gives the feeling of feeling lost or hopeless as they're scattered.
  2. Poem: An All Time Low

    Love the duality - a constant struggle between giving everything for someone or something, even though it only hurts you more.
  3. Thank you! I hope I will get approved sooner (the sooner the better, I suppose!). I've submitted application on Friday, but seeing its normal procedure, I ain't as worried now haha
  4. Spoken Word Poetry

    Thank you for the feedback! Yes, I love combining paintings with poems. First of all, both I and the artist get more recognition or so (and it's fun to work with people), Secondly, word prompts are already interesting - but that is even much more with paintings (since a painting costs a thousand words). I'll see what I can do, but this will be difficult - I have only one shelf where I can put my camera on and where I'm visible, adjusting the angle will be really tough (the camera barely fits on this tiny shelf haha)
  5. Spoken Word Poetry

  6. Did it take you long to get approved?
  7. This is very interesting - I'll check it out. However, I do have my doubts about it - everything on the internet seems sketchy haha
  8. Publishing book of Poetry

    I would first take a look at the forums. David has posted really useful advice. The first topic to read would be What is a manuscript? There are also whole topics of where to publish and stuff, but I would say first focus on the Manuscript. Publishing has two routes, self-publishing and traditional. Although you might want to submit to a traditional publisher and have them be a huge part of the process (although not guaranteed), most poets (like I guess almost all of us on this forum) have chosen self-publishing, so you would have to do all the editing, marketing (unless you hire people or have others help you out). Best thing is to take a step at a time and take your time for each decision, especially cover design and stuff. Also, when you have your manuscript (especially if you order poems in a particular way), it's nice if you send it to a couple of people to read and review. Sometimes, we tend to make mistakes (sometimes silly spelling) which we do not see, so always ask for feedback! Whenever you feel stuck on what to do next, feel free to ask me or any of us
  9. Poem: Still She Will Rise

    Wow... this gave me goosebumps. Heartfelt It's a beautiful tribute Ryan
  10. Poem: Beauty Never Lasts

    This line struck me. The parallel contrast between the expected warmth of a summer, compared to the coldness of the sadness
  11. Poem: Friendly Forgiveness

    To me, it appears obvious as well. It's painful but sweet.
  12. Poem: Friendly Forgiveness

    I really liked these two lines
  13. Every Piece has Fallen

    The flow and rhythm (and rhyme) can help with the message. It takes time to get used to rhyming, but it's evident that you already know what you are doing because it comes out naturally flowing and doesn't sound forced, so good job on that
  14. Spoken Word Poetry

    Thank you for the feedback and yes, the flickering is most likely on my side, I've made my parents watch it from their tablet and I've watched it from various devices and didn't have an issue. Yes I did know this, but due to the current stress levels I decided not to bother working on it now. I'll probably do it when I have a clearer idea or photo/picture I'd like to use and make one more professional for every social media.
  15. Spoken Word Poetry

    Talk from the heart, make love to the camera (not literally though)